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Literally, it's easy to keep your ear nearly to the ground to get the scoop on the pocket bike since many of these little fellas stand at just two feet tall! Although low to the ground, yesterday's minibike has gained new stature over the last couple of years.

The mini bike first made an appearance in the United States in late 1969 when the Gemini SST 50/80 cc and Maverick were imported from Taiwan. Unfortunately, legal issues with Yamaha licensing halted production in 1972. Today the mini bike, (a.ka. pocket rocket and mini motor bike) is a colorful little zipper that’s sold under fun and colorful names like the Honda Fiddy (stands for XR50), Mini Chopper, and Ninja Super Racer.

Although the modern mini motor bike looks like a full sized motorcycle in miniature, the pocket bike replica was originally brought back as an entry level vehicle, intended for young folks’ debut into the world of two-wheel racing. Soon, the down-right cuteness of these little zoomers ignited interest in adults, MXer’s and free style riders on a global scale!

No matter what you call them, the fact is that they are sweeping the world in popularity. Mini-bike associations have sprung up in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia, and seem dedicated to finding safe ways and safe places to share the fun of pocket bike riding.

There’s no controversy over the fun the mini pocket rocket offers. Spectators watch with squeals of excitement as dare devils from teen-age to adult do back flips, wheelies, rail grinds and ramp tricks. For pocket rocketeers, a lot of the fun is in modifying the mini bike and pocket bike chop shops have sprung up wherever the mini pocket bike is sold. In addition, enthusiasts can find nearly every part they can imagine available on the Internet, from modifications for the vintage Gemini and Maverick to the latest enhancements for the 49cc minibike. Built to max at a speed of approximately 40 MPH, with modifications, some pocket bikes have achieved speeds nearing 60 MPH!

Another advantage found by today’s pocket bike buyer is that prices have plummeted since the days of the first imports. You'll find some of the new model mini bikes priced as low as $300.00 USD., which makes them by today’s standards, a very inexpensive toy. You'll also find mini bikes sold in kits for the mechanically inclined hobbyist who wants the ability to build a fully customized machine.

As the Harley is the two-wheeled Eagle of the road, the mini bike is maybe the humming bird— colorful, zippy and loads of fun for all!

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