Rad2Go Sunbird Electric Bike

Rad2Go Sunbird Electric Bike

The Rad2Go Sunbird electric bike offers sleek, cutting-edge style to those who want the versatility of a bicycle along with the comfort and convenience of a moped. The Sunbird can be ridden like a regular bike, operate on 100% electric power, or any combination of the two. It offers a top speed of 18 mph and phenomenal range. The Sunbird travels up to 45 miles on battery power with pedal assist! The 250 watt hub motor is compact, quiet and pollution free. Since there’s no belt or chain to break, it’s also very low maintenance. The quick change batteries can be removed for remote charging and easy transportation. If you prefer traveling by pedal power alone, remove the batteries before you hit the road to lighten the load. The reduced weight will increase the Sunbird’s handling characteristics and make it easier to pedal up hills. The Rad2Go Sunbird electric bike is fantastic for commuting and getting around town. It’s also great for anyone that likes to bicycle for exercise, but wants the convenience of an electric motor when they need to take a break. The SunBird gives you plenty of room to store your stuff. Storage space is available in the cargo-hold under the seat, on the rear rack and in the glove box. Because the Sunbird offers pedal power as well as electric it legally operates as a bicycle in most states (please contact your local DMV to confirm the law in your area). Rad2Go is one of the premier manufacturers of electric scooters and bikes on the market today.

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Speed: 18 mph
Range: Battery Power Only - 30 miles (with use of second battery).
Range: Battery & Petal Power - 45 miles (with use of second battery and pedal assist).
Motor: 250 watt hub motor. This beltless, chainless hub motor is built right into the rear wheel and is extremely efficient at high RPM. A smart controller protects the motor from overloading.
Frame: Sturdy reinforced steel frame and a durable ABS plastic body. Dual front and rear suspension.
Battery:  One 36V, 12Ah and one 36V 7Ah quick change sealed lead acid battery. When the main battery runs dry, simply swap it out for the second battery to achieve maximum range. The second battery stores conveniently under the seat. Both batteries are easily removed and can be charged remotely. Both battery compartments are key locked. Average battery life is over 300 charges.
Drive Train: A power on demand variable speed throttle (motorcycle style). Freewheeling for easy coasting. A chain connects the pedals to the rear wheel.
Charge Time: 4 - 6 hrs.
Brakes: Front caliper brakes and a rear band braking system. A brake inhibit safety feature cuts power to the motor when the brakes are triggered.
Dimensions: Length 64 ”, Width at handlebars 25 ”, Width at seat 8”, Height 46 ”, Height at seat 28” ".
Weight: 99 lbs.
Carrying Capacity: 250 lbs.
Tires: 16” x 2.125” pneumatic, puncture resist tires with aluminum rims.
Warranty: 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.

Standard Features:
• A comforatble, padded moped style seat.
• Key ignition for added security.
• Large sized cargo-hold under the seat with key lock
• Bicycle style rear rack.
• Glove box with key lock.
• Head light.
• Tail light.
• Electric horn.
• Front and rear facing turn signals.
• Dual rear view mirrors.
• Speedometer.
• Battery level gauge.
• Smart battery charger.
• Kick stand.
• Tool kit.

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