The mini chopper bike - Harley's little brother

The new mini chopper bikes take minimoto to the max with traditional Harley style and design!

Just like their larger counterparts, mini chopper bikes come in a variety of sleek Harley styles. Specs on these chopper pocket rockets vary from model to model, but each mini chopper bike is equipped with several of the same awesome features that have lured Harley riders for decades.

If you’re looking for a dirt-cheap electric engine, consider the Razor Chopper. Priced under $250.00, steel construction with chrome fork and the 45-degree rake on this chopper pocket bike is pure chopper style. The 250w electric engine will give you up to 50 minutes of continuous chopper pocket rocket fun!

The Kikker 5150 Phatty Mini Chopper Pocket Bike, is at the high side of the track but offers lots of low-down chopper fun. Just 15 inches high at the seat and 38 inches long, even at 38 pounds, this bike is no lightweight at the track! A powerful 25cc two-stroke engine will easily rev up to 25 MPH. Made in the USA; this bike spells quality from Aluminum Alloy Rim to Aluminum Alloy Rim! Features include a TIG welded alloy frame, hand laid fiberglass body, chrome plated hardware and powder coated paint job. In addition, this bike is backed with a 90 day limited warranty.

If you like being in the thick of things, there are several mid-range chopper mini bikes to get your attention. Featuring the 49cc air-cooled two-stroke engines that are popular with minimoto riders everywhere, the SVC chopper pocket rockets is available in a rainbow of colors where painted fiberglass bodies are finished to a mirrored shine. Not toys or trophy case trinkets, these bikes are precision built for hard-driving, fast track action with standard features like dual exhaust, fully functional head and tail lights, speedometers, and more.

One stunning entry to the minimoto racing class of chopper mini bikes is the Chrome King Chopper. Like the SVC bikes, the Chrome King Chopper is priced mid-range and equipped with a 49cc air cool motor. Additional features like a built-in muffler, front and rear disc brakes, and quality aluminum construction over a solid steel frame make this chopper pocket bike stand out in any crowd!

Chopper pocket bikes are rolling off the line in a range of prices from under $250.00 to $1500.00. Harley look and style has long been a standard of excellence and now the chopper mini bike makes Harley style affordable for everyone!

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Isn't she a beauty!

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