Mini dirt bikes, pocket rockets... what’s the difference?

Because of the many similarities between pocket racers and mini dirt bikes, it’s easy to mistake or confuse one with the other. Both are mini-bikes and like its cousin the pocket racer, the mini dirt bike stands about two feet tall and is short enough (lengthwise) to fit easily in the trunk of a car. The two-cycle air-cooled engine is fast becoming a standard with gas-powered minibikes including both the pocket rocket and the mini dirt bike. Both pocket racer and mini dirt bikes will carry a payload of up to 300 pounds, although both are light enough to carry under your arm (if you’re into carrying instead of riding!). Nevertheless, the similarities end there. No disrespect meant to the pocket rocket, but frankly, when it comes to hill climbing, free styling, and off-road riding, the mini dirt bike will leave the pocket rocket in the dust!

This tough little dirt devil features the style of its big brother the BMX dirt bike. Built for durability, the lightweight mini dirt bike is heavy on performance when it’s time for tough off-road action. Extra seat padding (a must if you want to avoid monkey butt!) and cushy suspension give you a comfortable ride as you bounce over the roughest terrain on extra heavy duty tires. Although the stock mini dirt bike will typically max out at about 35 MPH because of its extremely light weight, it has the thrust to propel you into the big air at the top of every hill. As maneuverable as it is durable, the mini dirt bike is also awesome in its ability to do easily manage tricks like back flips and wheelies.

Mini dirt bikes are available from many dealers at affordable prices that begin at under $400.00. If you love pockets and minis, the mini dirt bike is a must have for your collection.

There is, however, one more similarity between the mini dirt bike and the pocket rocket. Neither are kiddy toys. The mini dirt bike, like the gas powered pocket racer is built to test the skills of the teen-age rider to the adult. Therefore, if you’re one of the “big kids” who’s ready to test your limits, you can take them to the top. You’ll find real high-flying fun when you get off the pavement and hit the dirt! Get out of the asphalt circle and stay in the loop! Get freewheeling, free-style action and off-road fun on a mini dirt bike!

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