Pocket bikes from Urbanscooters

We think Urbanscooters is a fine merchant of pocketbikes and the 2 bikes featured below are a nice representation of the low and mid-class pocketbikes, go check them out!

Boreem Super Booster XR7

The recently released Super Pocket Bike XR7 is the top of the line mini GP racing motorcycle from Boreem. It offers a smoother ride, quieter engine and better handling than any other Boreem pocket bike. This little guy is stylish and sleek.

Boreem 47cc Full Fairing Pocket Bike

The Boreem 47cc Full Fairing Pocket Bike is an entry level model that will give you a fantastic introduction to the world of mini GP racing. You won’t find a lot of extra features on this pocket bike, but it covers the basics extremely well.

Currie I-Zip Chopper Electric Bike

The I-Zip Electric Bicycle by Currie Tech is a low riding fatboy mini-chopper. It's not only real cool looking, but the I-Zip electric chopper is real transportation. It can be ridden as a standard bicycle or simply twist the throttle for a burst of electric power whenever needed. The IZip Chopper is street legal in all 50 states! Currie products are well known for their style, quality and reliability, so you can be sure that your I-Zip electric chopper is a sturdy, long-lasting item.