Pocket bikes, pure fun for both kids and adults

If you’re thinking of getting into pocket bikes, there’s no better time than this. Although some motor sports dealers have recently discontinued pocketbikes because of the influx of cheap, unwarranteed and hard-to-repair knock-offs, dealers that stock the top brands like GRC, Blata, and many more are still going strong and riding out the year with some great end-of-the-year discounts! Some models are available for under $200.00! In addition, these dealers have infused their websites with answers to every question that the pocket bike rider can think to ask!

Pocket bikes are true racing motorcycles and enthusiasm for them has taken the minimoto world by storm! Small enough to sit in a trophy case, they are built to race hard and fast on minimoto tracks. Available either in electric or two-cycle engines, these tough little competitors are sold with the power to match your need for speed! Engines range from 4.2HP to 12HP with speeds up to 75MPH!

Although pocket bikes are built for minimoto racing and not for day-to-day street use, at 15 to 18 inches high, 38 to 47 inches long, and weighing in at 35 to 55 pounds, these mini-motorcycles are easy to transport to your favorite track and handily fit into a car trunk. Still, don’t let their size fool you — they’re built to carry up to 300 pounds.

Pocketbikes are high-powered, pure fun for both kids and adults! Because their small size puts big power into little engines, they can quickly break speeds of 40+ MPH. Children under driving age should only ride them with a strong adult hand close by. However, concerned parents can equip bikes for young riders with speed governors. Protective gear is a must and reputable dealers recommend helmet, gloves, high top shoes, and racing suits with the addition of leather riding apparel for high-speed competitions.

There are pocket bike clubs forming all over the world. The North American Pocketbike Association (NAPRA) works with retailers, distributors, track owners, and racers to promote the fun of pocket bike riding as well as create a safe environment for the sport. There are also over a dozen regional clubs in the US, clubs in Australia, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain. If you need information about pocketbikes or minimoto, it’s easy to find!

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