All about the new pocket bike, minibike and pocket rocket
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    Electric scooters are fast becoming a popular means of transportation for both youngsters and adults. The electric scooter has never been as affordable, durable, convenient, and stylish as it is today.
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    When you’re looking for gas powered minibikes, the first thing you need to define is the kind of ride you want. The line between the platform scooter and the mini bike used to be defined clearly but has become blurred by the introduction of motorized platforms and pocket bikes.
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    They look like mini Harley Davidsons; they're quick and flashy, but the mini chopper is only a fraction of the size of the standard Harley.
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    Recently many motorcycle dealers and bike shops have recognized minibikes as one of today’s fastest growing trends.
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    Pocket bikes are true racing motorcycles and enthusiasm for them has taken the minimoto world by storm!
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    The last few years have seen resurgence in scooter popularity and motorized scooters are sold today in many variations, both gas and electric powered.