How to choose a super pocket bike?

Super mini bike riding and super pocket bike ownership is a fast growing hobby for those who like to mix speed with free wheeling innovation. Considering that you can find these minibikes for sale in a price range from under $200.00 to over $3000.00, the best thing to do before setting your sights on any one model is to analyze your purchase options. A few minutes of Internet research brings several potential issues to light and enlightenment for the discerning super pocket bike shopper.

First, as you may have guessed, with super pocket bikes available in such a wide range of prices, price alone is a minimal factor to consider. While the cheapest bike might suit your budget, difficulty in obtaining parts and service can rocket your mini bike to a price range beyond your means! In fact, several of the less expensive super mini bikes have no guarantee, no parts, and absolutely no service, much to the consternation of some very dissatisfied customers! At the other end of the track, the more expensive bikes typically are expensive to maintain if they should break down, and letís face it - riding hard and fast is nearly synonymous with the super mini bike!

Even after you believe you have decided on the model of super pocket bike to buy, continue your research at several distributors. This is no time to be timid. Ask questions before you lay your money down. Is there a warranty? Whatís the replacement policy? Are parts available from the distributor? If they arenít, where can you get them? How long does delivery take for both bike and parts? Are there service options? Who services them?

All of these questions may seem time consuming and irrelevant to you if youíre caught up in the fervor of the fast-growing sport of minibike riding. Still, if youíve researched at all, youíve found that the fun of these bikes fast turns into frustration for enthusiasts who bought before they got answers.

Here are a few ideas that will help you find answers to super mini bike questions:

1. Super pocket bike reviews done by independent product reviewers. Although they are few at present there are some out there, and as the sport grows, so will the input from both consumer agencies and customers.

2. Mini bike forums are Internet spots where you can get the real low down from actual users. They are an excellent place to ask questions and get answers!

3. Local super pocket bike dealers and distributors. While you can even find pocket bikes at some discount centers, there are local franchise owners in many areas who are eager to show you their stuff! Aside from hands-on demonstrations, these outlets will have documentation (manuals, etc) on their merchandise. In addition, a small local merchant may be more inclined to offer clear and complete answers to preserve their business reputation within the community.

4. There are dozens of super pocket bike dealers on the Internet and if you canít get answers, you can still compareÖ compareÖ and compare before you buy!

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